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The Hidden Almanac

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The Hidden Almanac for 2019-09-13

Today we broadcast the final Hidden Almanac, and tell you about a very minor Saint.

Be Safe, and Remember: You Are NEVER Alone.

Special Note: Listen through the credits!!

6 Responses to The Hidden Almanac for 2019-09-13

  1. Six years to the day… seems so long ago, doesn’t it? I am proud to have been here for all of it, even if I was rather quiet until now. It has truly been a magical experience that I shall cherish for many years. Be well Drom and Mord, and may all of you be well too. Especially you Kevin, Ursula, and Lucius.

  2. It was a hell of a run, and consistently a great listen. I came in about halfway through and had to binge the first three years, but, uh… no complaints about doing that. Some of the fake ads are among my favorite gags (like… ever, not just for the show), such as for fire and Eddie’s Used Omens.

    Congratulations on it all, all the work and time put in. It was and is fantastic.

  3. Thank you for six wonderful years! [email protected]=e

  4. I will admit that while listening to this final episode, our eyes were not dry, and there was much sniffling. The Hidden Almanac has been a constant part of my wife’s and my relationship, so leaving it will be difficult. However, it does offer to us one special opportunity: to start it all over again. Thank you for making a small part of our lives very special, and very weird. Mord, Drom, and George shall live forever in our hearts (because dammit, I’m gonna petition the Madonna of Leaves).

  5. What the heck?? The last show?? Argggghhh!! What are we and the begonias meant to listen to now? Who else is going to lobby for the virtues and the need for Public Radio? Like Noctros, I must now go and petition the Madonna of Leaves to perform a miracle!!

    On a straighter note, I am going to really miss the long stories and the characters. The daily saints were always a lucky dip to see if I could guess an aspect before I fired up each show. I am often offline for periods and this is one of the first things I’d go to online when I got back into technology range. Like Nerrin, I came in a bit over three years back and am sad to realise that next week there will be no new saints or odd sponsors to hear about.

    Thank you for the stories and characters and we’ll just have to settle for imagining what particular thing the immortal Drom is doing to make St Mord sigh that expressive sigh each week. May Mord’s new garden be a large and successful one with many, many hellebores.

  6. Thanks.

    Lord, I don’t even know what to say after that. I mostly just want to pile love on Drom and Mord and George, and on their creators and shapers, and on their guest hosts and everything else. I listened to the first episode when Ursula said she had started this funny little side project, and then dropped it for a few months and had to catch up, then listened for a while like clockwork, then dropped it again, then was hooked. I might sometimes hold off a couple of weeks or even a month so I could get active storylines in more than dribs and drabs and end up pulling my hair out fractionally less often, but it was always on my radar as an ongoing happy thing I could pull up and made me feel better.

    And I have revisited the episode aired November 11 2016 more than once, because “Kindness is a Great Work” is a message I keep needing.


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