The Hidden Almanac

The Hidden Almanac

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The Hidden Almanac for 2017-11-13

It is on this day that the group discovers something miraculous has happened.

Be Safe, and Remember: You Are Not Alone.

3 Responses to The Hidden Almanac for 2017-11-13

  1. Now I want to know if Pastor Drom really does crochet, or if this is a threat made in the heat of the moment.

  2. So, a party of 4, in an underground dungeon-like labyrinth, using various magical and mundane means to escape. That reminds me of something, but I somehow can’t quite put my finger on it…

    On a totally unrelated note, maybe Pr. Drom could publish D&D campaign books in-order to keep the station afloat. Something like… ‘The Dread Thanatopic Embassy of Doom, a module for 4 players’.

  3. I had a feeling Pookie was going to get involved somehow….
    But, what a brutal, senseless waste of tequila! 7X=Q


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